Malware Traffic Internals: BlackTDS Social Engineering Drive-By Leads to Fake "Adobe Flash Player"

Goal: Review and document latest BlackTDS traffic distribution leading to fake Adobe Flash Player and its social engineering theme.

Background Traffic chain

I. BlackTDS domain redirect hxxp://smarttraffics[.]gq:

html, body { margin: 0; padding: 0; height : 100%; }

<span style="visibility: hidden“><a href="/insert“><VALUE<a href="/register“>
II. Popunder domain redirect using inser /register with hidden visibility.
III. Popunder redirect
IV. Fake “Adobe Flash Player” adware redirect:
Domain: hxxp://24newsoft[.]theonlygoodplacecontentsafeup[.]download/?pcl=&subid=&v_id=

V. Fake “Adobe Flash Player” adware download:
Domain: hxxp://www.bestrepositorytours[.]com/

    Addendum: Indicators of Compromise (IOCs):

    • Domain: hxxp://smarttraffics[.]gq

    • Domain: hxxp://popcash[.]net/world/go/162193/360683
    Popunder redirect:
    • Domain: hxxp://www[.]thegreatfreesystemosforcontenting[.]date/?pcl=&subid=
    Fake Adobe Flash Player Adware Redirect:
    • Domain: hxxp://24newsoft[.]theonlygoodplacecontentsafeup[.]download/?pcl=&subid=&v_id=
    Fake Adobe Flash Player Adware Download:
    • Domain: hxxp://www.bestrepositorytours[.]com/
    Fake Adobe Flash Player Adware:
    • MD5: 69708785506cf581ea5f81725bdb849b
    Update (April 3, 2018): Edited domain referrer to hxxp://smarttraffics[.]gq

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