Viper Framework: Installing Malware Repository Framework

Goal: Install a malware repository box for subsequent storage and malware triage to Cuckoo.

Steps: python viper-web

[*] Session opened
[*] DLL: MSVCRT.dll
  0x43e0e0: memset
  0x43e0e4: wcsstr
  0x43e0e8: malloc
  0x43e0ec: free
  0x43e0f0: wcslen
  0x43e0f4: wcscpy
  0x43e0f8: wcscat
  0x43e0fc: memcmp
  0x43e100: _strdup
  0x43e104: sprintf
  0x43e108: atoi
  0x43e10c: strlen
  0x43e110: strstr
  0x43e114: _strnicmp
  0x43e118: strncpy
  0x43e11c: strcmp
  0x43e120: sscanf
  0x43e124: strcpy
  0x43e128: memcpy
  0x43e12c: _wcsicmp
  0x43e130: wcsncpy
  0x43e134: localtime
  0x43e138: mktime
[*] DLL: KERNEL32.dll
  0x43e140: GetModuleHandleW
  0x43e144: HeapCreate
  0x43e148: GetProcAddress
  0x43e14c: HeapDestroy
  0x43e150: ExitProcess
  0x43e154: LoadLibraryW
  0x43e158: Sleep
  0x43e15c: HeapFree
  0x43e160: CloseHandle
  0x43e164: InitializeCriticalSection
  0x43e168: GetEnvironmentVariableW
  0x43e16c: SetEnvironmentVariableW
  0x43e170: GetCurrentProcess
  0x43e174: DuplicateHandle
  0x43e178: CreatePipe
  0x43e17c: GetStdHandle
  0x43e180: HeapAlloc
  0x43e184: CreateProcessW
  0x43e188: WaitForSingleObject
  0x43e18c: EnterCriticalSection
  0x43e190: LeaveCriticalSection
  0x43e194: MultiByteToWideChar
  0x43e198: FreeLibrary
  0x43e19c: CreateFileW
  0x43e1a0: WriteFile
  0x43e1a4: LoadLibraryA
  0x43e1a8: GetDriveTypeW
  0x43e1ac: FindFirstFileW
  0x43e1b0: FindClose
  0x43e1b4: GetFileAttributesW
  0x43e1b8: GetTempPathW
  0x43e1bc: SetFileAttributesW
  0x43e1c0: DeleteFileW
  0x43e1c4: GetLocalTime
  0x43e1c8: HeapReAlloc
  0x43e1cc: DeleteCriticalSection
  0x43e1d0: AllocConsole
  0x43e1d4: GetConsoleScreenBufferInfo
  0x43e1d8: SetConsoleCtrlHandler
  0x43e1dc: SetConsoleTitleW
  0x43e1e0: WideCharToMultiByte
  0x43e1e8: EnumWindows
  0x43e1ec: GetWindowTextW
  0x43e1f0: CharLowerW
  0x43e1f4: GetActiveWindow
  0x43e1f8: WinHelpW
  0x43e200: ShellExecuteExW
  0x43e208: closesocket
  0x43e20c: WSACleanup
  0x43e210: WSAStartup
  0x43e214: connect
  0x43e218: socket
  0x43e21c: inet_addr
  0x43e220: gethostbyname
  0x43e224: htons
  0x43e228: bind
  0x43e22c: ioctlsocket
  0x43e230: select
  0x43e234: __WSAFDIsSet
  0x43e238: send
  0x43e23c: sendto
  0x43e240: recvfrom
  0x43e244: recv
p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px ‘Andale Mono’; color: #28fe14; background-color: #000000; background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.9)} span.s1 {font-variant-ligatures: no-common-ligatures; color: #34bbc8} span.s2 {font-variant-ligatures: no-common-ligatures}
  0x43e24c: ZwQuerySystemInformation

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