Let’s Learn: C++ & Structs

Source: hackerrank.com

struct is a way to combine multiple fields to represent a composite data structure, which further lays the foundation for Object Oriented Programming. For example, we can store details related to a student in a struct consisting of his age (int), first_name (string), last_name (string) and standard (int).

struct can be represented as
struct NewType {
type1 value1;
type2 value2;
typeN valueN;
You have to create a struct, named Student, representing the student’s details, as mentioned above, and store the data of a student.
Input Format
Input will consist of four lines.
The first line will contain an integer, representing age.
The second line will contain a string, consisting of lower-case Latin characters (‘a’-‘z’), representing the first_name of a student.
The third line will contain another string, consisting of lower-case Latin characters (‘a’-‘z’), representing the last_name of a student.
The fourth line will contain an integer, representing the standard of student.
Note: The number of characters in first_name and last_name will not exceed 50.
Output Format
Output will be of a single line, consisting of agefirst_namelast_name and standard, each separated by one white space.
P.S.: I/O will be handled by HackerRank.
using namespace std;

struct Student{
unsigned int age;
char first_name[51];
char last_name[51];
unsigned int standard;

int main() {
Student st;
cin >> st.age >> st.first_name >> st.last_name >> st.standard;
cout << st.age << " " << st.first_name << " " << st.last_name << " " << st.standard;

return 0;

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